About Us

In the spring of 2005 the suggestion was put forth to the parents of the students enrolled at Dance Innovations to host a dance competition in Yorkton. Yorkton was a city that offered a fabulous Theatre, inviting accommodations and was a community that strongly supported arts and culture. Parents were in agreement and looked upon it as an opportunity to attend a quality dance competition locally as well as offered the potential to raise funds to further the dance education of dancers at Dance Innovations who are members of Dance Innovations Performance Troupe.  As a result of these initial discussions, the Parkland Dance Festival was established in the fall of 2005.

Since then we have grown to accommodate studios from Saskatchewan and Manitoba and have found many ways to assist our dancers with education opportunities. We’ve established a friendly, vibrant dance festival that meets many needs of our participating studios. We always strive to improve and continue to look forward to new opportunities to make the Parkland Dance Festival the best it can be. We look forward to welcoming participating studios to Yorkton, ‘where good things happen’!